hotels in fort lauderdaleYou do not need to go far to find a nature lover in their element, but nature lovers sure enjoy going far to discover more. If you have a knack for all things flora and fauna, stay with us in our hotels in Fort Lauderdale and explore all of the nearby nature reserves and eco-tours for a taste of unadulterated Florida wildlife. Visit us at The Link Hotel for a wild adventure and get in touch with our natural side.

A Small Taste

If you are not quite ready to dive into all that is the Everglades and get too wild, there are a few toned down areas that bring you toe to toe with fascinating wildlife and horticulture. Visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary. You will find everything from vibrant blooms to bright flamingos relaxing in tropical habitats. Roam the grounds as you pass colorful sculptures on your way through the gardens. Another wonderful attraction is Butterfly World where you can relish in the whimsey of fluttering butterflies as they move from bloom to bloom and learn about them as well as their natural habitats.

A Wild Adventure

When it comes to fully immersing yourself in the wild side of Fort Lauderdale, the best way to experience it is with a nature tour. Take an adventure with tours like an airboat adventure with Everglades Holiday Park where you will glide over the waters and find wildlife surrounding you. Discover gators lulling through the marshes, stunning birds enjoying their wetlands paradise, and more. To get even closer to nature, find your front row seat in a kayak with Atlantic Coast Kayak and tour the backwaters up close and personal. Guided tours run daily and are never hard to find, so you can discover just the right one for you to have an epic adventure that fits your in fort lauderdale

A Comfortable Stay

After any adventure, it is always a relief when you have a comfortable place to turn in for the night. Find your ideal accommodations to rest easy and refuel for more adventuring with us at The Link Hotel. We are one of the hotels in Fort Lauderdale that will be sure that your stay is absolutely perfect. You can give us a call at 1(800) 471-0740 to speak with one of our caring staff members to fit you with the best accommodations as well as help you find your ideal nature adventure. Come and discover Fort Lauderdale’s wild side with us at The Link Hotel!