hotels on Sunrise BlvdFlorida sunsets are a staple of the area and even celebrated nightly in some areas of the Gulf Coast. Fort Lauderdale, however, is located on the Eastern Coast and it’s most beautiful moments are in the early morning for spectacular sunrises. When you visit us at The Link, you will find yourself in a phenomenal hotel on Sunrise Blvd, and you will be near some of the best spots to catch a Florida sunrise. Watch as the sky begins to glow with vibrant colors splash across the sky like a kaleidoscope of violets, oranges, and pinks.

About Sunrises

Sunsets and sunrises have awed people since the dawn of time. A spectacle to all as the once average looking skies morph into bright brushstrokes stretched across the horizon. We have all seen sunrises, but have you ever experienced one that dances on the waves below while lighting up the sky? When the sun rises over the water, the ocean’s surface creates a better recipe for the air molecules to scatter and reflect light for a far more vibrant and exquisite display than what you would see out over a grain field or forest. We could get further into the science of it, but we suggest visiting our beautiful coastal home and discover the wonder in person.

The Beach at Dawn

During the early mornings, Fort Lauderdale beaches are less busy. It is easier to find a good spot to relax and enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful displays. Many beaches do not allow alcohol, so an early morning toast of champagne is not ideal; however, a warm cup of tea or coffee can set the morning off to a fantastic start! No beach is notably better than the other, so get up early and make a short trip to the closest beach to The Link — one of the best hotels on Sunrise Blvd — for an unforgettable sight!

hotels on Sunrise BlvdA Post-Sunrise Meal

Waking up early to see the Fort Lauderdale sunrise may be a little difficult if you are not an early riser; however, it is entirely worth it. There are a few great places to grab breakfast or an early lunch to help fuel up for the day ahead and continue to take in the ocean views. St. Bart’s Cafe opens at 6:30 daily and offers fantastic choices for delicious dishes, coffees, and snacks to get your morning going. Village Cafe opens a little bit later but is worth the wait. Walk along the shore and stop in for incredible meals on the patio. For an early lunch, Coconuts is a great spot to dine on the flavors of the Gulf Coast and is only a short 10 minutes from The Link Hotel.

The next time you are looking for hotels on Sunrise Blvd and choose to stay with us at The Link Hotel for an unforgettable getaway, be sure to make your way down to the beach. Take an early morning stroll to Fort Lauderdale Beach and walk along the coast for a beautiful sunrise. Take your camera with you and snap a few photos to hold onto the magic forever!