Fort Lauderdale Film FestivalWhen you think of art, how often do you naturally think of film? Although paintings, photography, and other forms might seem like more obvious art forms, movies need an extraordinary amount of artistic talent. For example, fabulous acting, editing, lighting, and costume design are all elements essential to creating a movie masterpiece. Although you might be used to visiting the big box offices for the more popular blockbusters, film festivals compile the best of the best of lesser-known movie makers. Their noble cause? To put them on display for the world to see. Here in Florida, a few media outlets have named the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival one of the best in the nation, so visiting the festival during your stay at The Link Hotel is something you should put on your list of things to check out. 

History of The Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 

Since 1986, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, aka FLIFF, has been on a mission to spread independent cinema throughout south Florida. And they’ve become successful: it’s now one of the biggest movie-related events in the southern United States. Most movies are artworks that you might not have stumbled upon before, due to the lack of big-name actors and actresses, but still measure up on all the quality. One of the movies premiered at a past festival has won the title of the world’s longest movie from the Guinness Book of World Records, so maybe you’ll find a gem of a film when you attend this thrilling edition of festivals in south Florida. 

What to Expect at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival 

Up to ten venues play movies from the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival every year across Fort Lauderdale. Several opening parties for lineup and poster reveals raise the hype for the festival. Premiere parties happen for many of the movies as well, spanning genres from comedy to drama, romance to action, anime to musicals. If you can decide which movies you’d like to see the most throughout the 17 days of the festival, you can purchase tickets online or over the phone, with discounts for military, seniors, and students.

The Link Hotel 

The Link Hotel is only a quick 15-minute drive from Savor Cinema Lauderdale. So, you have more time to worry about what theater snack you’re going to munch on, instead of how you’re going to get to the movies. Out of all Fort Lauderdale festivals, the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival is one of the best ones to attend, so make sure to book your accommodations at the Link Hotel ahead of time. For more information, visit us on our website or give us a call at 754-701-1450.