Fort Lauderdale EntertainmentVacations are for relaxing, sightseeing, and spending time with your loved ones without daily responsibilities. While visiting well-known sights and attractions can be worth your time during your trip, seeking out unique things to do will be more memorable. There are plenty of experiences here in Florida that you won’t find anywhere else, especially near the Link Hotel. Step outside your comfort zone and check out these special Fort Lauderdale entertainment options during your time away from home. 

Engage Your Senses With a Blind Tasting Menu 

At One Door East, throw your expectations out the window by sitting down at the blind tasting menu experience. Since you can’t see, you must depend on your other senses to determine what you’re eating. If you’re not that adventurous, but still want to challenge your tastebuds, sitting in the dining room at the restaurant will also do the trick. Some of the menu items include cucumber noodles, beef gyoza, smoked pork bao buns, and octopus a la plancha with crispy potato and chorizo. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled on a Nighttime Everglades Tour 

Although you can tour the Everglades during the day, signing up for a nighttime tour is an entirely different experience. On your 60-minute excursion, the captain uses a flashlight to point out reptiles, insects, and amphibians, but most importantly: Florida gators. This isn’t normally what you guess when thinking of Fort Lauderdale entertainment, but you’ll be enthralled when you see a pair of glowing gator eyes at you from the water in the dark. 

Ride a Gondola During Dinner 

Signing up for a gondola ride at Casa Sensei might be one of the most romantic date ideas in Fort Lauderdale. Your gondola will arrive promptly at the docks and take you and your significant other through the Intracoastal Waterways while you enjoy your meal and sip on your beverage of choice. The pan-Asian and Latin American fusion restaurant offers dishes like lobster guacamole, Korean steak chimichurri, Mongolian duck, and more. For drinks, choose between options like the dragon margarita, Thaitini, rose mojito, or something else that suits your fancy. Once you’re finished, gaze out over the water and savor the rest of your 90 minutes on the water. 

Dinner and a (Tiki) Show Fort Lauderdale Entertainment

Visiting Mai-Kai is the epitome of Fort Lauderdale entertainment. Before the show begins, indulge in Polynesian inspired dishes like Huli Huli chicken, Hawaiian fried rice, walnut shrimp, or blackened ahi tuna. Order a drink to enjoy during the show, such as a Pina Passion, Floridita Daiquiri, or a Mai-Kai cappuccino. Then, get ready for the Islanders Revue every night. Dancers dressed in grass skirts and feathered headpieces perform dances inspired by traditions in Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa, and Hawaii. 

Fort Lauderdale Entertainment 

While you’re at the Link Hotel, take advantage of our pool on sunny afternoons, and then eat at Sunrise Bar & Grille for a delicious diversion in addition to the other Fort Lauderdale entertainment options mentioned above. For more information about things to do in Fort Lauderdale, visit our website, or give us a call at 754-701-1450.