There is no shortage of outdoor activities when you visit the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale. When you think of Florida and Fort Lauderdale, you probably think of the beach, shopping, and restaurants. While those are all things you can do on your vacation, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers a more unique set of activities. Enjoy the outdoors, beautiful nature, and a memorable experience when you visit the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park with friends and family. 

Things to Do at The Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Fort Lauderdale is an extremely populated area, which is why the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is known as the slice of wilderness in the area. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, wildlife to encounter, picnic areas to relax at, and so much more. Below, you can learn more about the different activities offered at this beautiful state park


This state park is popular for bikers, as the park drive is about two miles long. Though there aren’t trails specifically designated for bikers, many of the trails do accommodate bikers. Some trails are one way, so it’s important to watch out for those signs. Bike rentals are available in the area if you don’t bring your own. 


Paddleboard rentals are available at the park’s concessionaire located right at the Beach Gate/Concession access in the park. Rentals are also available on the large dune lakes inside of the park, as well as the beach.


For some leisurely hiking, you’ll want to head to the Coastal Hammock Trail. You’ll be able to explore a native maritime tropical hardwood hammock ecosystem – beautiful views that are perfect for a photo-op. Enjoy beautiful views along the Mid Trail, another perfect hiking trail in the park.

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