The Link HotelWith every new year, employers often look for ways to tune up and jump-start their team for a better year than the last. Whether it is with promoting teamwork or having group trainings, a corporate retreat could be just the thing to give you and your employees a leg up on the competition. Here at The Link Hotel, you can find affordable Fort Lauderdale hotel rooms and a fantastic place for you and your team to put your heads together in preparation for the rest of the year’s challenges.  

Versatile Space For Any Occasion

Here at The Link Hotel, we have a conference room setup that can be used for presentations, trainings, seminars, and just about any other corporate outing need you may have. With plenty of space for seating and windows for a well lit and inviting environment, this is the ideal location for you and your team. We also have a smaller breakaway room available that is great for one on one meetings, executive discussions, and small group sessions.

The Best Location

The Link HotelThe location of our hotel is part of what makes us one of the most convenient Fort Lauderdale hotels for your team outing. You will find plenty of local places to grab food or catch some entertainment during your stay. Whether it is ordering a delicious pizza for lunch or attending a team dinner at one of the local restaurants, there is something for everyone nearby.

Comfort For All At The Link Hotel

One of the most critical factors to consider when looking for your ideal corporate event venues is the level of comfort. The Link Hotel has plenty of rooms to accommodate each member of your team comfortably as well as fantastic conference areas for hosting your daily activities. Get your team’s head in the game to crush the new year and excel your business by booking your next corporate event at The Link Hotel.