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Visit the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale is known as the "Yachting Capital of the World." Because of that, it makes perfect sense that we also have the largest in-water boat show in the world to go along with the title. Over five days, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show rallies together 110,000 boat and yacht lovers from around the globe to celebrate luxury and the future of boating.

The Water Taxi in Fort Lauderdale

Sometimes, the city of Fort Lauderdale is called the “Venice of America.” And as Venice has its gondolas, Fort Lauderdale has its water taxis, traversing the several rivers that weave through the city. Via three route options, you can explore anything from nature to nightlife. If you understand the Fort Lauderdale water taxi schedule, it’s an efficient (and fun) way to get around town.

Exploring the Fort Lauderdale Art Walk

Fort Lauderdale is a top vacation destination for many, and with its famous beaches and proximity to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, there truly is so much to love about this Florida city. When you stroll along the Fort Lauderdale art walk, a stay at The Link Hotel on Sunrise will make your Florida vacation more than perfect. From single rooms to suites, you’ll be sure to find the accommodation perfect for you and your travel party.

Take a Sunset Kayak Tour

Here at The Link Hotel, we try to provide a more intimate and affordable experience for any of our guests. Located on the curve of Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, The Link is close to an abundance of restaurants and bars on Sunrise Boulevard including our very own Sunrise Bar & Grill. If you’re looking to make your stay in any downtown Fort Lauderdale hotels different, one of our top recommendations is to tour the city through the river channels via a kayak.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale Hotels for the Ideal Guys Getaway

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Things To Do In Fort Lauderdale On A Budget

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Las Olas Boulevard- A Day Of Adventure

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Fall In Love with Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When the leaves begin to change in most of North America, fall in love with all of the romantic things to do in Fort Lauderdale. Find yourself strolling along Fort Lauderdale beach, enjoying the sites, and staying in one of the best hotels in downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida with your favorite person.

Where to Spot the Best Fort Lauderdale Sunrise: The Link Hotel

Florida sunsets are a staple of the area and even celebrated nightly in some areas of the Gulf Coast. Fort Lauderdale, however, is located on the Eastern Coast and it’s most beautiful moments are in the early morning for spectacular sunrises. When you visit us at The Link, you will find yourself in a phenomenal hotel on Sunrise Blvd, and you will be near some of the best spots to catch a Florida sunrise.

3 Family-Friendly Restaurants The Whole Group Will Enjoy

Traveling with the family can be a fun adventure that your kids and you will remember forever. However, narrowing down the choices of places to eat and finding the best options can be difficult. The Link Hotel has a few suggestions for fantastic family-friendly restaurants.

5 Fantastic Water Activities You Have to Try

Arriving at The Link Hotel, the beautifully designed pool area sure invites you in for a relaxing dip. However, when you stay with us at The Link Hotel, the nearby ocean calls your name. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of the Florida coastline and have fun experiencing these five fantastic water activities!

3 Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and traveling during this season can pose an obstacle that many are not used to. When you stay with us at our hotels on Federal Highway Ft Lauderdale FL, you will be in good hands at The Link Hotel.

Planning For Your Florida Summer Trip

When work has been nothing but stressful and those late afternoon meetings begin to seem endless, The Link Hotel has just what you need. The warm, sunny beaches of Florida are calling your name and those suitcases in the closet are just begging to go on another adventure

Experience the Wild Side of Ft Lauderdale

You do not need to go far to find a nature lover in their element, but nature lovers sure enjoy going far to discover more. If you have a knack for all things flora and fauna, stay with us in our hotels in Fort Lauderdale and explore all of the nearby nature reserves and eco-tours for a taste of unadulterated Florida wildlife.